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Singer. Songwriter. 

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Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist C3, discovered his love for music at the age of 2 when he first encountered the drums. Born into a family with a rich musical heritage rooted in Gospel and R&B, C3 appeared on his first record with his father, Charles Laster II as a singer at the age of 5. C3 spent 13 years as a drummer before he decided to make his mark in the industry, center stage as a singer and songwriter. 
During his high school years, C3 became glued to the idea that he could make a sustainable career in music. The only problem was that most of his teachers discouraged it and C3 only sang with his head held down. He was shy with his talent but knew that God had gifted him so he persevered. 
It wasn’t until C3 made it to X-Factor in 2013, that his confidence was crafted after he made it to the celebrity judges round. Although he wasn’t crowned as the finalist, he walked away with hope. 
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Upon returning home to Michigan, he enrolled at the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME), where he earned his bachelor’s degree in creative studies (songwriting). While still a student, C3 formed the Third Generation Band, which plays backup for all his live shows. C3 credits DIME for the skills and knowledge he obtained that made him the artist he is today. 
Most known for his melodic melodies, convicting lyrics and R&B crooning composer, C3’s influences range from Michael Jackson to Chicago the Band. He is inspired by the 80’s and 90’s era and hopes to bring back the funk feeling into today’s genre of music. 


His introductory EP, My Perspective is a blend of classic heartfelt R&B, fused with pop-funk. Documenting his highs and lows of relationships and life, C3 hopes his music convicts listeners to do and accept better.